Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I told a friend recently about our decision to adopt from China. She emailed me today and posed this possibility:

If it takes about a year to adopt from China, and we're expecting a little girl around a year old, and we're starting the process right about now, did I realize that our daughter could be born any moment?

The very thought of it sent goosebumps up my arm. Somehow my friend's comment made things all the more real for me - Our daughter is really out there waiting for us. Hopefully, she's waiting more patiently than we are!!

To my knitting friends that were hoping I'd eventually post again about actually knitting a project or two, never fear - I'm going to start another blog just for adoption, which will link from this one - read on if you'd care to follow our adoption, or not if you don't. Knitting content will soon grace these posts once again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

60 to 80

Just numbers on the way to 100%. 60 is a just a little more than halfway. 80 seems almost all the way there. And before you hang your hat on whether 60 is half empty and 80 is half full - these are more than just digits to my husband and I. These are percentages corresponding with our chances of giving birth to a live baby - 60-80% (if I don't stroke first). Not a full term baby - a live one. Our perinatologist's version of "success" is a breathing baby, no matter the possible long term health/financial/emotional implications of birth to a 24 weeker. Of course, the peri said with a smile on his face, assuming survival - your child is "likely" to need medical intervention, but it probably will all work out "OK". After doing some soul searching, we've decided that "OK" is what something is when you just don't know how to make it better.

Our doctor may not know, but we do. Over the next couple of months, our paperwork to adopt will be on its way to China. After four years of crushed hopes, invasive treatment, multiple miscarriages and a loss of faith, adoption brings us a very welcome well of hope. It's likely our daughter will be a little over a year old when we finally meet her. And, having spent her young life in an orphanage, she'll probably just be "OK" when we hold her for the first time. But, as our eyes meet and we become a family, I know that together we'll find a way - to turn "OK" into "Great".

Friday, February 10, 2006

Fairy Dust

My Knitting Fairy from Knitty's SP6 can't possibly have known that I have a little thing for faeries when she chose her identity. I swoon over a beautifully drawn faery, and the one she included on her card is no exception. Better yet, attached to the card were these gorgeous handmade stitch markers in my some of my favorite colors!

But, the goodies don't stop there. Also in the box were not one, but two, skeins of Classic Elite Miracle yarn in Natural for dyeing. What luxury to have my first attempt at handpainting fiber be with this alpaca/tencel blend - it's so soft! My pal also sent a photo album for storing circulars (neat idea!), and chocolate. But not just any chocolate - she sent Hershey's kisses. Lots of Hershey's kisses. Almost 3 pounds worth. I plan on munching my way through them while watching the Olympics and knitting away on Chickami.
We all know where those 3 pounds of chocolate will ultimately wind up.

Last, but not least
(he'd whine if we forgot him for real), was a toy for Tocchet. The toy crinkles, and Toc went a little crazy as I was taking it off its wrapper. Toc likes plastic and aluminum foil (but surprisingly not paper), mostly because they crinkle. This from the cat who went running when we first adopted him at the slightest sound - he's come a long way. The second I tossed it to him, he went after it with abandon. Knitting Fairy, you clearly made Toc's day.

And while I'm at it, you made mine, too! Thank you so much for sprinking your generous, thoughtful fairy dust on my doorstep today!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Ewe Gotta See This!

My SP7 pal sent me a package!! And in it was this terrific card...look closely now...those are sheep. And not just any sheep. Those are cauliflower sheep, with zucchini legs. How cool is that?

Almost as cool as the stuff my pal sent! Inside the package was a treasure trove of goodies, each gift beautifully wrapped in colorful tissue and adorned with a fun little note! Ripping off the wrapping revealed candles, post-its, an argyle note pad, a container for notions, incredibly neat 3-D stickers, a photo album, bath oil in the shape of an octupus, and a fun, fuzzy pen. Thanks so much Secret Pal!!!