Sunday, December 23, 2007

Flourishing Waves

Here's a picture of my latest weaving project. This is an overshot pattern called Flourishing Waves. The throw is a gift for a friend of mine who finds inspiration in designer Betsey Johnson. I figured the black, grey and hot pink would be right up her alley. The colors are a little bit brighter in person than they appear here.
You can also get a partial shot of my Macomber loom, built in 1953. It's hard to believe that it's still cranking more than 50 years after it was originally built. Looms have a way of being passed from weaver to weaver over the years. There is something quite appealing about knowing generations of women have woven on what's now my loom. I hope my friend enjoys this little bit of woven history!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fiber Addictions

I miss knitting. I miss the rhythmic feel of the yarn sliding through my fingers, stitch after stitch. What I don't miss is how incredibly long it takes me to finish a project. To satisfy my fiber addiction, and enable myself to finish a project once in a while, I've done a lot more weaving lately than knitting.

So, what have I been weaving over the last few months? Some of my projects have been Christmas goodies, so I can't show those for now. But, I did complete two projects I can reveal without ruining anyone's surprise...

I finished a set of lace tea towels:

I also wove a set of dishtowels for an annual dishtowel exchange held by It was a lot of fun to exchange towels with weavers from all over the country. Here's a sampling of the towels I sent for the exchange - the colors were inspired by our trip this past summer to Tahiti:

Now that I'm looking at them - you can tell what color has drawn me in lately!! The project I'm working on now is black, grey and pink, so there is a departure from the colors of the sea in sight.

I've been such a bad blogger lately - keeping up with my adoption blog has kept me away from this one, but I'm going to try anew. There are a couple of projects in the Winter edition of Knitty that caught my eye. Hopefully, I'll be able to cast on as soon as I weave the last of my Christmas gifts off of my loom!