Friday, September 29, 2006


Whew - I've been a terrible blogger lately (and knitter, too, for that matter). It seems as though I've had a lot going on, none of which has left me with the time or emotional space for knitting.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of adoption paperwork, of which I am happy to say is finally completed and sent off to our agency for critical review and translation. It feels like a big weight off of my shoulders to have this stage of the adoption finished at last.

The new kitties have come complete with their share of new kitten issues - training, grooming, vet visits, etc. They are cute, but also a lot of work!! Having three cats in the house has been a bit of an adjustment - it seems as though everywhere you look there's a little furry tail disappearing under something. Note to self - when choosing a kitten next time, choose white - black kitties collect dust something awful.

I did accomplish a FO this past week - a snowy white feather and fan baby blanket. Which would be more of an accomplishment if I'd actually finished the border I started to go with it. Somehow I calculated I needed 45 repeats of the border to go all the way around the blanket. All excited that I was almost through, I blocked it out when I got to 41 repeats, anxious to see how it looked. And then was promptly crushed that I'd mis-measured, and I really had at least 12-15 more repeats to go. Which couldn't happen, because the blanket was required for a blessing ceremony and my time to knit it was up. So, blanket was gifted sans border, and I have a hella stack of border for a future project...

So, that about sums up my lapse in posting time. Next on my knitting list is a cardigan for our future daughter. I'm also part way through warping a rag rug for a fellow adoptive mom's nursery. Hopefully, I'll have pictures of finished objects (or at least projects in progress) to post soon!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Twice the Love

Meet the newest members of our family. We had the best intentions of only bringing home one kitten, but somewhere in the car on the way over we convinced each other that two would be a good idea. When added to our Maine Coon, it seems like a lot of cat in a small house, but their cute little faces are worth it. So, without further adieu, meet "Demo" and "Derby".

As black Persians, they'll look a lot like this when they reach adulthood. Right now, they are still little puff balls of purr and fur....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weaving Project #2

Finally, another WIP crossed off the list - draped across my birthday present to me (a loom!) is my second completed weaving project (I'm counting it as a FO even though I still have to knot off all the ends, bead and
twist the fringe, then wash and block it).

As a beginning weaver, I feel a little bit like I did when I learned to purl. You remember that moment, don't you? You're feeling all confident that you finally got the knit stitch down, and it's even looking like something you could be proud of, and then someone comes along and teaches you to purl and you're back to square one, cursing your rumpled, curling stockinette swatch. My weaving tension is a little wonky in parts and I had a couple of repairs to make when I took the runner off of the loom, but after almost 8 feet of weaving (and more hours of learning curve than I care to admit), I'm pleased with how my design came out.